Amla Oil

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Amla Oil 

Introducing HJOPC natural Amla Oil, a traditional hair elixir made from Indian gooseberries. Our Oil, which is expertly crafted, uses the power of age-old Ayurvedic knowledge to give you a completely new hair care experience. This oil is made to revitalize your hair, nourish your scalp, and take your hair care regimen to new heights because it is brimming with key nutrients and antioxidants.

Importance of Amla Oil 

Amla Oil is significant since it can successfully handle a variety of hair issues. Vitamin C-rich products encourage hair growth and strengthen hair follicles, resulting in thicker, healthier hair. Its antioxidant qualities fight free radicals, reducing early hair aging and environmental stressor-related damage. Amla Oil revitalizes dry, damaged hair by delivering deep nourishment, bringing back its original shining and luster. Additionally, this oil aids in calming and moisturizing the scalp, which lessens dandruff and scalp irritability and promotes a generally better environment on the scalp.


  • This oil is excellent for healthy hair.
  • Keep your hair strong and shiny.
  • It prevents dandruff from roots.
  • Control hair fall & induce fresh growth.
  • Support life & beauty of hair.
  • It restores natural hair color & rejuvenates memory.


HJOCP Amla Oil is carefully sourced and processed to ensure its purity and efficacy.  It goes through a thorough extraction procedure to protect its healthy ingredients and natural flavor. The top-notch solution deeply penetrates the hair shaft, supplying crucial nutrients to the areas of the hair that need them the most. Regular usage of our Oil will change the way you take care of your hair and leave you with strong, voluminous, and vibrant hair. With our Oil, you can advance your hair-care regimen and discover the tried-and-true Traditional beauty secrets of India. With the help of this extraordinary hair elixir, unleash the potential of your hair like never before.

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