Bitter Almond Oil

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Bitter almond Oil

HJOPC’s Bitter Almond Oil is extracted from pure and organic bitter almonds after pressing & it contains amygdalin that converts into toxic hydrocyanic acid after processing. Bitter almonds oil has medicinal properties & may be used for topical application. This oil is also used extensively for skin, hair & culinary purposes. This oil helps to enhance the complexion as well as nourishes your skin and makes it softer & smoother. Bitter almonds oil improves absorption and ensures that the pores are not blocked.

This oil reduces dark circles as it is enriched with vitamin E and this will rejuvenate & lighten the skin. It will also reduce the crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes. Almonds oil delays signs of aging & makes your skin feel younger and fresher. It removes impurities and dead skin cells caused by external factors such as pollution, sweat and dirt etc. It cures Psoriasis & Eczema as well relaxes the skin and soothes irritation. This oil acts like a natural sunscreen. The blazing rays of the sun may cause tan lines and sunburn which may adversely affect your skin. The vitamin E in bitter almond oil nourishes and shields the skin from the dangerous rays of the sun.

Importance of Bitter Almond Oil

The necessary vitamins and fatty acids in bitter almond oil nourish the skin and hair and are prized for their nutrient-rich makeup. Its moisturizing qualities support the preservation of skin hydration, encouraging softness and better texture. The value of this oil is found in its capacity to increase skin suppleness and lessen the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Its antioxidant content aids in the battle against free radicals, preventing early skin aging and fostering a youthful complexion.


Bitter almond oil is a valued elixir that provides an abundance of advantages, taking your beauty and well-being routine to new heights. This wonderful oil nourishes and regenerates the skin, revealing a radiant and youthful complexion thanks to its strong nutrient and antioxidant content. Its exceptional moisturizing abilities seal in moisture and enhance softness and suppleness. Additionally, this oil revitalizes the skin, minimizing fine wrinkles and enhancing suppleness thanks to its powerful anti-aging properties.


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