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Shikakai Oil in Pakistan | Best Shikakai Hair Oil Brand | Long Hair Growth Oil

Hjopc is exporter, manufacturer & producer best brand of pure shikakai hair oil for long hairs regrowth without any side effects on hairs. Offering best & cheap shikakai hair oil price for wholesale & retail customers, we extract shikakai oil from pure herbs to get all benefits related to long & shining hairs.

Shikakai shrub like tree grows in central India & is famous fruit for hair. Shikakai oil is used as a cleanser for hair and body. Shikakai oil is very rich in vitamin C as well vitamins A, D, E, and K, antioxidants which are necessary for healthy and rapid hair growth. These vitamins provide the hair follicles with the essential micronutrients. Shikakai Hair Oil has a special natural formulation containing Shikakai with other natural ingredients, which prevents dandruff and hair fall, leaving your hair clean soft and healthy.

Shikakai oil adds shine and softness to your hair & fights against dandruff because the anti-fungal properties of Shikakai oil nourishes your scalp and prevent itching & dryness. Shikakai oil provides you stronger, thicker hair with lesser hair fall. This oil delays grey hair & letting you maintain the natural beauty of your hair for long. Shikakai oil removes hair lice very rapidly. It heals minor wound & abrasions on your scalp. Shikakai oil acts like a conditioner for dry hair. This oil improves hair follicles moisture retaining capacity & don?t fade or lose its color very soon. Shikakai oil has less moisture content & works like a dry sponge which soaks in most of the hairs moisture

Shikakai oil used for the treatment of a disease known as scabies, which is also a skin disease. It serves as an antiseptic and may be used to cure wounds and cuts that can occur on the scalp or other external parts of the body. Shikakai oil also used in the treatment of Black fever i.e. fever occurs during the time of malaria. Shikakai oil helps in making the mouth fresh as well cures various diseases of the throat like pain, infections, ulcers or boils in the gums. This oil helps in preventing Tooth Degradation and helps in preventing the formation of plaque in the mouth of human beings. Shikakai oil makes the circumstances healthy and helps in preventing the chances of diabetes. It lowers down the body cholesterol and even controls the blood sugar levels.

Shikakai oil helps in curing several stomach disorders like constipation and also improves the flow of excreta or urine out from the body. This oil is an effective ingredient in the contraceptives which may be used in controlling unwanted births diagnosed at earlier stages. Shikakai oil may be effectively used as a treatment for preventing the age spots. It is very useful in the treatment of a death causing disease known as jaundice and helps in smoothening of the frizzy and very dull hair. Shikakai oil helps in controlling the growth of various glands like the sweat glands and oil causing pigments which are present in our head or in the hair. is an authentic?producer, extractor & manufacturer of pure, organic & natural Shikakai Hair Oil in Lahore Pakistan. It is a one stop convenient?online herbal oil shopping portal?in Pakistan. We offer around thousands of varieties of herbal oils with delivery facility. We supply herbal oils that are 100% pure & organic at affordable prices. Please shop with us today for?high quality online herbal products?in Pakistan.

  • Sikakai/ Shikakai oil is useful oil for smooth and long hair proven for centuries.
  • It is effective for split hair and dandruff.
  • It maintains nourishment of the hair & gives new life.
  • Best for hair massage.


Pure Sikakai/Shikakai

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